5 Reasons to Use 3D Printing for Your Jewelry Business

Kirsten Van Praet
July 20, 2017

Why would you produce jewelry using 3D printing technology, instead of creating it traditionally? Here are five reasons that convinced jewelry giants like Titan to start using 3D Printing in their business.

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Phits Wearer Wins Legendary Lanzarote Iron Man Triathlon and Challenge Roth

Stephanie Benoit
July 19, 2017

One of the most famous and grueling triathlons in the world, the Ironman in Lanzarote consists of a 3,86 km swim, a 180,25 km bicycle ride and a marathon (42,20 km). Another legendary triathlon is the Challenge Roth, which takes place in Germany every year. Belgian triathlete Bart Aernouts won both the Lanzarote Ironman and the Challenge Roth of 2017 – and he did it with his 3D-printed Phits insoles.

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5 Easy Ways to Remove Metal Support Structures

Kirsten Van Praet
July 18, 2017

Applying a minimal amount of support is a matter of taking into account your design and part orientation. When support structures are still required, advanced 3D printing software offers you a wide range of support types that are ideal for the geometry of your part.

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Hospitals and 3D Labs: Why, How – and What Now?

Marta Sambaer
July 18, 2017

Dr. Philipp Brantner is a radiologist at the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland. In April, he presented his case study, "Hospitals and 3D labs. Why, how and what now?" at the 2017 Materialise World Summit in Brussels. His inspiring talk centered on his experience in deploying and running an in-hospital 3D printing lab at the Basel University Hospital together with his team. He shared fresh and useful perspectives on implementing a new workflow, its successful outcome, and how to keep the lab sustainable.

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Innovative aMace Technology for Complex Pelvic Tumor Resection and Reconstruction

Anna Fischer
July 13, 2017

New, 3D-printed hip implants have made five bone cancer patients, two clinical teams and Materialise, very happy. Together with the orthopaedic departments of the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB), Switzerland and the Righospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, Materialise participated in a study to reconstruct periacetabular defects caused by tumors. Dr. Krieg and his colleagues shared their findings in the medical magazine, Leading Opinions.

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Materialise and Renishaw Host Metal AM Seminar in India

Kirsten Van Praet
July 12, 2017

What can 3D printing technology bring to India? Materialise and Renishaw answered this question during their ‘Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing’ seminar in Pune, India, at Renishaw’s AM Solutions Centre. For this seminar, more than 40 people from different industries - aerospace, automotive, engineering, medical, oil and gas etc. - gathered from all over India.

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From Motor Crash to Walking after an Acetabular Reconstruction with 3D-Printed Implant

Liesanne Janssens
July 11, 2017

As guest speaker in our latest webinar series on hip and lower extremities applications, Dr. med. Simon Weidert discusses his experience with a patient-specific implant in acetabular defect reconstruction; his first with Materialise's aMace solution.

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How Medical 3D Printing is Gaining Ground in Top U.S. Hospitals

Pieter Slagmolen
July 07, 2017

Recently, many hospitals have started making a shift, from using medical images primarily for diagnostic purposes, to integrating them in patient-specific surgical planning. This has created enormous advantages for hospitals and their patients, and is largely supported by the expanding role of the radiologist as imaging expert.

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3DP Adoption: Focus on the Practical to Unlock the Possible

Natalie Simpson
July 06, 2017

Traditionally there has been a tendency to segregate research and industry when it comes to 3D Printing, based largely on the premise that finding out ‘what’s possible’ will always be at odds with identifying ‘what’s cost-effective’. The premise is flawed. Why? Because you can answer both questions by focusing on what enables practical progress right here, right now.

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A Study of Sizing Accuracy for Digitally Templating the Exeter Hip

Clare Satterly
July 03, 2017

The following is a retrospective study of 39 consecutive Primary Exeter total hip replacements (THR) carried out by Dr Grant Shaw, orthopaedic surgeon in Portsmouth, UK. The THR procedures were performed by Dr Shaw at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, between August 2016 and May 2017. Of the 39 procedures, 35 were elective hip arthroplasties and 4 were acute total hip replacements undertaken for neck of femur (NOF) fractures. All patients had standard AP Pelvis for Hip x-rays taken with a disc scaling marker placed in the hip plane.

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