Herlien Declerck June 24, 2016

In today’s blogpost we want to give you five quick tips to improve your segmentation process with Materialise Mimics. After all, it’s the first and often the most important part of your workflow!

tips for faster segmentation

  1. We’re always told that time is money, and reaching your deadlines and lead times is definitely important! However, reaching your goals with the necessary quality is even more important. Start by spending enough time on developing a good and consistent image protocol that can be punctually followed by a radiologist. Without the necessary slice thickness, slice increment or the right reconstruction algorithms, it will never be possible to reach a sufficient level of quality for surgeons’ or patients’ needs.

Questions on how to find the perfect scanning protocol or image acquisition method? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Materialise representative!

  1. Expand your view. When segmenting image slices, it is often useful to visualize the 3D object to instantaneously get clear feedback about what you are doing on the 2D slices exactly. There are several options on how to do this. Traditionally, you can create a 3D object from the mask, visualize contours on the slices and use this information to see how accurately you’ve been segmenting. Another more flexible option is to use the 3D preview tool that has been introduced in Mimics 19. Go to the edit toolbar and toggle the ‘3D preview’ button in the 3D view. This will give you the opportunity to get immediate feedback on what you are changing in the 2D views, and even better: you can edit the 3D models directly in the 3D view.
  2. Since we’re talking about Mimics anyway: why not download Mimics 20? The Mimics base version contains a bunch of new tools that will make segmentation quicker and easier. Try the contour editing option and the split tool to edit your masks in a few clicks. Prepare to be amazed by what the new tools can mean to you.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone. Mimics contains so many options, so many buttons you’ve probably never clicked, functionalities you’ve never had the opportunity to use, parameters you haven’t dared to touch… But they can be more interesting to your workflow than you might think. Did you know that Materialise organizes customized training sessions to optimize your segmentation workflow? Make sure to get in touch with your local application engineer to organize a custom session and be surprised by how one day can shake your segmentation world upside down!
  4. Do you typically segment multiple datasets per day and are looking for more automatization in your process? To make your life easier, Materialise researchers are constantly working on new tools and segmentation algorithms to automate segmentation.

Good luck and keep on segmenting!

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