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How to import files into Materialise Magics

In order to start preparing your files for 3D Printing, you first need to import them into Materialise Magics. The tutorial below explains how to import CAD and STL files and what options exist. Did you know that you can let your files being fixed during import?

  This tutorial has been recorded using Materialise Magics. Some features might differ from the Materialise Magics Essentials software.


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Description of the different steps

  1. To load a file, you can go to File >> Load and use the Import Part option. Alternatively, you can go to the Quick Access bar, and click on Import part. The keyboard shortcut CTRL+L will also open the import window.
  2. In the import window, specify the placement option: As Is, Default Position, Aside of Others, and Automatic Placement. You can automatically fix your files during import by enabling Autofix during import.
  3. If you’re importing an STL file, just click on Open. If you’re importing a CAD file, an additional window will pop up, giving you options for CAD-to-STL conversion. When the options are correct, click on OK. The CAD file will be converted to an STL file, and opened in Materialise Magics.
Author(s) Aylin Kertik
Tutorial created on 23 April 2018
Last modified on 23 April 2018

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