Mimics User Certification Training

Design Course

Flatten the learning curve

Join our online training course to learn how to master the Mimics Innovation Suite directly from Materialise experts. In our series of tutorials and assignments, you’ll discover how to optimize the process and method of designing personalized medical devices with 3-matic.


Who should attend

This training is for Mimics Innovation Suite customers or those with a fundamental knowledge of image processing and segmentation, gained either by following the fundamental course or years of experience. 

Learning goals

  • Optimize STL models with marking and fixing tools in 3-matic
  • Learn about the process and method of designing personalized medical devices with 3-matic 
  • Design a personalized implant

Training format

Course takeaways

Flatten the learning curve

Industry-recognized certification

Optimize your organization's talent


EUR 1,000 excluding VAT

The price reduces according to the number of attendees from one institute. Bundles are available with the fundamental course.

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Materialise medical device software may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory or medical practices in individual markets. In countries where no regulatory registration is obtained of Mimics or 3-matic Medical, a research version is available. Please contact your Materialise representative if you have questions about the availability of Materialise medical device software in your area.L-103035-01