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How to perforate 3D models in Materialise Magics

Thanks to 3D Printing, it is possible to print hollow parts to decrease printing time, recover material, and make the parts lighter. However, some 3D printing technologies use powder or resin that can get stuck in the hollow part. The perforation tool in Materialise Magics enables the removal of this powder or resin. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to add perforations to your hollow 3D model.

 This tutorial has been recorded using Materialise Magics. Some features might differ from the Materialise Magics Essentials software.


Video topics

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1:06 - Add a perforation

1:49 - Move a perforation

1:36 - Delete a perforation

1:28 - Add a notch

2:06 - Keep subtracted parts

2:17 - Add clearance

2:37 - Apply perforations

Description of the different steps

  1. Select your hollow part(s).
  2. Go to the Tools ribbon > Perforator.
  3. Click on your part(s) to create perforation preview(s):
    1. You can move a preview by selecting it, and dragging it while pressing your left mouse button.
    2. You can delete a preview by selecting it, and pressing Delete on your keyboard, or clicking on Delete on the perforator window.
  4. Modify your perforation preview(s):
    1. Use the Radius outer circle and Radius inner circle options to change the size of your perforation(s).
    2. Use the Add notch option under Notch to facilitate the re-assembly of perforation caps.
    3. Use the Keep subtracted parts option under Advanced options to save the perforation caps as separate STLs. After printing, these caps can be attached back to the part. In order to leave clearance for glue or welding, use the Total Clearance option. You can add a clearance on the inside, outside, or both sides.
  5. Once your previews are ready, click on Apply.
Author(s) Aylin Kertik
Tutorial created on 23 April 2018
Last modified on 23 April 2018

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