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How to cut 3D models in Materialise Magics

If you want to 3D print large parts, take into account that they may not fit on your 3D printer. You need software to cut them and assemble the pieces afterwards. The tutorial below explains the wide range of cutting tools that Materialise Magics software offers. Both simple and advanced cutting options will be discussed.

 This tutorial has been recorded using Materialise Magics. Some features might differ from the Materialise Magics Essentials software.


Video topics

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Find the Cut or Punch tool 0:40

Polyline cut 0:45

Polyline rounding 1:23

Polyline teeth and clearances 2:17

Basic section cut 3:17

Lap joint cut 4:04

Connector pins/holes 6:20

Description of the different steps

  1. Select your part(s).
  2. Go to Tools >> Cut or Punch.
  3. To cut through a polyline, click on Indicate Polyline, draw the polyline, and click on Apply.
  4. To round up the corners of a polyline, click on Round Polyline.
  5. To leave space for the glue during reassembly, you can enable Clearance. Clearance can be on the inside, outside, or both sides of the cut line.
  6. You can add teeth to your polyline to facilitate reassembly. Click on Select teeth lines, click on the line. Select the teeth type, size, and offset. Click on Apply and Apply again.
  7. You can also use the section views to apply cuts. Go to the View Pages >> Multi-Section and enable the section view of your choosing.
    1. The Basic option will apply a basic cut through the defined section.
    2. The Lap Joint cut option will create an L-shaped profile with a protrusion on one half, and a depression on the other half. This profile can be applied throughout the whole contour, or only a part of the contour between two points that you can define.
    3. The Connector Pins/Holes will create holes on one half, and create pins that will fit in these holes on the other half.
  8. Click on Apply.
Author(s) Aylin Kertik
Tutorial created on 17 April 2018
Last modified on 17 April 2018

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