metal 3D printing

Metal 3D Printing

Looking for an introduction to professional metal 3D printing? Join the Materialise team to discover the foundations of how and when to use metal 3D printing to maximize the opportunities for your business.

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Who Should Attend

Professionals who would like to extend their knowledge of metal 3D printing and are looking for insights into the technology and its business potential.

Learning Goals

  • An overview of the metal 3D printing technologies and how they work

  • Design considerations and methodology for metal 3D printing

  • Understand the basic principles of 3D printing and how to apply them to your business


€750 per attendee, minimum 5 attendees

Course Topics

When to Use Metal 3D Printing
Metal 3D printing offers a range of benefits. What are the drivers for using it and how do you determine if it’s the right production method for your project?

3D Printing Metal Technologies & Materials
An overview of technologies and materials for metal 3D printing, including the complementary processes such as milling, machining, and post-processing options.

Design for Metal 3D Printing
How to design a part for metal 3D printing, what are the considerations and restrictions.

How others are using Metal 3DP
Learn about use cases of Metal 3D printing and the benefits they are realizing