COVID-19 Initiatives

We stand behind our mission to help create a better and healthier world at all times, especially in times of crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we drew on the advantages of 3D printing to develop new solutions to support healthcare systems and help individuals stay safe. 


Critical medical devices

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Man wearing a mask with a 3D-printed fitter
Mask fitters for FFP2/KN95 masks In this collaboration with the Belgian government and a number of hospital experts, including UZ Gasthuisberg Prevention Advisor Herman Devriese, we developed a 3D-printed mask fitter that allows ill-fitting masks to be worn safely.
Man wearing a clear face shield with a 3D-printed attachment
Face shield holders Together with 3D printer manufacturer Prusa, we developed a 3D-printed visor band with an adjustable elastic strap that can be used with disposable or reusable plastic sheets to provide an added layer of protection over a face mask.
Side view of a man with a mask made of cloth, elastic, and 3D-printed clips
Face mask clips Our partner EDAG Group designed a simple yet effective mask clip that allows any suitable fabric to be transformed into a face mask for non-medical use. This helped ease critical supply issues with medical-grade masks for healthcare workers.

Prevention devices

3D-printed, hands-free door opener attached to a door handle
Hands-free door openers Our 3D-printed door opener allows users to easily operate a door handle with their elbow instead of their hands to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The free design file was downloaded over 100,000 times from our website.
Person pressing a button on a printer using a 3D-printed badge holder with a hooked corner
Hooked badge holders We designed a holder for office key cards that doubles up as a contact-free way to navigate the work environment, with a hook to help employees open use keypads or operate elevators without physical contact.
Hands-free shopping cart handles attached to a shopping cart outside of a store
Shopping cart handles Our Design & Engineering team developed an armrest that allows shoppers to push and steer their shopping cart with their forearms, removing the need to touch the handle with their bare hands.

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