Materialise Acts:
Our Response to COVID-19

One of the main strengths of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology is its speed. This feature is ever more important during the current COVID-19 pandemic in which our healthcare systems and everyday tasks have crossed unprecedented hurdles.

From the very start of the company thirty years ago, Materialise’s focus has been on creating a better and healthier world. We stand behind this mission particularly in moments of crisis, which is why we’ve been working to develop new solutions to help out healthcare systems and individuals to stay safe.

We are working on several fronts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, from developing certified medical devices to help patients, to protective devices for healthcare workers, to making remote working and learning easier.

3D Printed Oxygen PEEP Mask


Materialise Develops 3D Printed Oxygen PEEP Mask to Address Shortage of Ventilators

Materialise has developed a solution to deliver oxygen and create high positive pressure without the use of a ventilator. A 3D printed connector converts standard equipment already available in most hospitals into a non-invasive PEEP mask (NIP) that can be connected to the oxygen supply (to facilitate breathing for coronavirus patients).

This solution gives patients an extended period of time before mechanical ventilators are required for treatment, and helps transition them off ventilators earlier, freeing up these devices for patients in critical need. By using standard medical equipment, including a non-invasive ventilation (NIV) mask, a filter and a PEEP valve, the solution is simple and familiar to use for medical professionals

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Certified manufacturing for MedTech

In the response to the COVID-19 crisis, 3D printing has captured imaginations worldwide. There’s no doubt about it: additive manufacturing is a powerful enabler of speedy innovation.

However, as the European Commission has noted in the guidance on March 30, 2020, there is an urgent need to make sure that 3D-printed medical supplies comply with necessary safety standards. Thanks to our decades of experience and certified manufacturing processes, we are one of the few companies that meet all requirements included in the new guidance.

This comes after working with 70% of the top 30 MedTech manufacturers and developing our own devices in-house, building up the know-how to design and manufacture certified medical devices. We have processes in place to meet rigorous certified manufacturing requirements of the MedTech industry, including biocompatibility, traceability, dedicated production lines, clean rooms, and more.

No matter where you are in the process or how much you would like to produce, we’re here for you. And during this time, we are giving priority to and scaling up manufacturing of medical devices to help in the fight against COVID-19.

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FFP2 masks provide good protection for the wearer, but need to be well-fitted in order to prevent leaks.

The Materialise Mask Fitter is an accessory that can be used in combination with FFP2 masks to ensure a good face fit without leaks. This means breathing may become a bit heavier, but that is actually a good sign that it offers better protection. For instructions on how to wear your FFP2 mask with the Mask Fitter, please watch this video, or read the instructions.

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Initiatives we are supporting

We are working on projects that can create impact in a meaningful way – ways in which speed and certified manufacturing can add the most value.

Of course, speed is important in offering solutions during times of crisis. However, making high-quality products that meet strict criteria is also critical to ensure that people are using equipment that is safe.

Below is a list of just a few projects we are currently supporting.

Critical medical devices

Preventative devices

Easier remote working, and a safer return to offices

As businesses gradually reopen, managers and business owners will need to take steps to safeguard their staff and continue to prevent the spread of infection. In the meantime, we’re also making it easier than ever to digitally connect, work, and learn to follow social distancing practices and reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Extended and flexible software licenses

We are offering temporary home office licenses for all medical software and the unlimited use of Mimics Viewer to enable flexible working circumstances.

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Work from Home Hub

We have put together a series made up of educational videos created by our own engineers, inspirational stories, and other digital features to help you advance your knowledge from home.

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Software Licenses

To help other AM businesses during this time, Materialise is extending free, flexible licenses to customers with maintenance packages so that they can continue their typical workflow.

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Face mask clips

3D-printed clips designed by EDAG allow you and your employees to turn just about any type of fabric into a face mask for non-medical use, to help ease the critical supply difficulties in medical-grade masks for healthcare workers

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Hooked badge holders

We designed a housing for office key cards that doubles up as a contact-free way to navigate your work environment, with a hook to help you open closets or operate elevators without physical contact

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Hands-free door opener

Our hands-free door opener fits over existing handles and eliminates the need to touch one of the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, and offices

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10 Ways We Are Protecting Our Employees during COVID-19

At Materialise, people come first. We would like to share our internal policies during the COVID-19 pandemic to inspire others to think about the daily interactions we have in the workplace and ways to prevent spreading the coronavirus.

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Initiatives to help against the spread

To further limit the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, we’ve created a few designs that can easily be installed to help against the spread.

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