User Group Meeting

11 Zář 2018 - 12 Zář 2018 Würzburg, Německo

Mit dem User Group Meeting bieten wir unseren Softwarekunden mehr Know-How, mehr Informationen und mehr Austausch. Wir unterstützen Sie, die steigenden Ansprüche und Herausforderungen eines wachsenden Marktes zu meistern.

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36. CADFEM ANSYS - Simulation Conference

10 Říj 2018 - 12 Říj 2018 09:00 CEST Leipzig, Německo

Simulation in the times of digitalization is the key topic at the 36th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference from October 10th- 12th in Leipzig.The program offers you a wide range of applications in simulation technologies, such as structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics. Many participants join us every year and appreciate the variety of information and detailed insights into additive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, digital twin, electronics and embedded software.

Be part of the leading CAE Conference in Europe and learn all about simulation!

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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 2018 - DKOU

23 Říj 2018 - 26 Říj 2018 09:00 CEST Berlin, Německo

Regardless of whether in the hospital, doctor’s in surgery, in the operating theatre, in the research laboratory, in the rehab clinic or in the emergency medical service: Orthopaedics and Traumatology stands for professional treatment of injuries and ailments of the locomotor system. This year’s congress motto We are O&T addresses the variety and the wide range of our shared field. No other congress in Europe offers a larger platform for professional, collegial and academic exchange than the DKOU 2018.

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13 Lis 2018 - 16 Lis 2018 Frankfurt, Německo

Meet Materialise at formnext and learn more about our 3D printing software and services. With more than 160 3D printing machines, a skilled team of design engineers, and dedicated post-production specialists, we can help you shape your creativity without limits. Our software platform empowers small and large businesses to explore the possibilities and take full advantage of 3D printing technology.

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