17 Čer 2019 - 21 Čer 2019 CityCube Berlin, Německo

Patient-specific treatment has earned its long-term value in today’s reality. Thousands of healthcare experts worldwide rely on the Materialise software and services to harness the full potential of Medical 3D Printing. At IFSSH-IFSHT, we invite you to discover their work and our experts’ insights through case studies, software demonstrations, and our partners’ presentations on software and Medical 3D Printing services. Get inspired, and join us in building the path to a better and healthier world.

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CSI 2019

26 Čer 2019 - 29 Čer 2019 Frankfurt, Německo

Learn for yourself how to reconstruct accurate, virtual 3D anatomical models based on DICOM images, and how to prepare them for 3D printing.

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