4 Reasons to Make Taurus Your New Automotive Prototyping Material

Radhika Dhuru
August 10, 2018

Is Taurus the perfect 3D printing material for your automotive rapid prototypes? Jonas Van Eyck, Process Engineer at Materialise Manufacturing, digs into what makes an ideal tool for automotive prototyping. Here are the top 4 reasons why Taurus should be your pick for your next project, whether it’s visual prototypes or form-and-fit testing.

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A Tale of Two Mammoths: Paleontologist Mietje Germonpré on 3D Printing a Mammoth

Stephanie Benoit
July 30, 2018

We sat down with Mietje Germonpré, a paleontologist at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels who is specialized in mammals from the Ice Age, to get her insight on the Mammoth of Lier and how 3D Printing is breathing new life into its age-old remains.

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How to Reduce Data Prep Time of Metal Support Structure by 90%?

Kirsten Van Praet
July 20, 2018

As the metal AM industry grows and 3D printed components become increasingly complex, so does the need to integrate automated processes. It takes a lot of time to create support structures that anchor the part sufficiently and prevent warpage, but which are at the same time easy to remove. Especially parts with a complex geometry need to be prepared very thoroughly as each surface that lacks sufficient support may cause defects in the part or even build crashes.

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Driving Growth in Additive Manufacturing with BASF

Fried Vancraen
July 19, 2018

3D Printing is a revolutionary technology, capable of transforming entire industries and challenging our traditional manufacturing processes. Development of new materials, better and faster machines and increased automation provide new impulses to the 3D printing industry and lead to continued innovation. This has helped to position 3D Printing not just as a prototyping technology but as a relevant alternative and complementary manufacturing technology for final products. As a result, we are seeing increased adoption of 3D Printing among industrial manufacturing companies. Leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industry turn to 3D Printing as they recognize the design optimizations it creates in existing vertical applications and the potential to create new and significant business opportunities in new markets.

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Fmhofmann COSMOS Eyewear Collection: Bringing a New Dimension to Customization

Natalie Simpson
July 13, 2018

The new eyewear collection by fmhofmann is the first in the industry to combine a Titanium 3D-printed hinge with 3D-printed PA frames, a unique combination not seen before. To scale this new summit of all-printed eyewear, Berlin-based designer Fabián Hofmann collaborated with 3D printing experts Materialise.

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In-house 3D Printing at Mayo Clinic: the highlights

Marta Sambaer
July 11, 2018

Jonathan M. Morris, M.D is a neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, U.S. and has been using 3D Printing for 16 years. At the Materialise World Summit, we had the pleasure of watching Dr. Morris give a breathtaking keynote presentation. He captured the audience with stories of his own experience with Medical 3D Printing and 3D visualization, and what's been done since the lab's implementation at Mayo Clinic over the past eight years.

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Increased Efficiency and Less Invasive Surgery with Patient-Specific Knee Guides

Marta Sambaer
June 27, 2018

Picture this. It’s morning. A patient walks in a clinic, experiencing knee pain at every step. That same day, the same patient walks home, without the pain from before. The patient just had a total knee replacement operation.

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Three Top Strategies for the Easy Removal of Metal Support

Kirsten Van Praet
June 26, 2018

In cases where support structures have to be removed manually, easy support removal and smart support placement technology can significantly reduce finishing time. In this metal blog post, we explain three strategies for easy removal of metal support.

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Why Preoperative 3D Planning Tools Will Replace Conventional Imaging Tools

Valerie Vervueren
June 20, 2018

Orthopaedica Belgica hosted orthopedics experts and 600+ participants at their yearly event in Brussels not so long ago. It featured an entire morning session on pre-operative templating in total shoulder arthroplasty. Here are highlights from presentations that were focused on 3D planning and patient-specific implants

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Three Big Benefits Provided by Optimal Metal Supports

Kirsten Van Praet
June 19, 2018

In this metal blog post, we explain how you can achieve good process stability. This is related to conducting heat, reducing stress and avoiding a build crash.

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