Arte e Moda

Great designs starts with big ideas. And when those ideas are so big they can’t be realized with a conventional art form, it’s time to get creative. With 3D Printing, design limitations are a thing of the past – your creation is in the hands of your imagination.

Materialise has had a long history of pushing the boundaries of creative design with technology. Discover how we impacted the art world with .MGX, our collection of 3D-printed consumer products.

Design and Engineering

By combining your creativity with our expertise in 3D Printing, we can create something truly unconventional together. Enhance your designs with Materialise 3-matic, and create watertight files ready for printing with Materialise Magics. And it doesn’t stop there; eliminate lengthy post-processing by adding automated support structure to your Stereolithography builds with Materialise e-Stage. Whether you have zero experience with 3D Printing, or can whip up a CAD model in no time, our flexible solutions are there to bring your ideas to life.



3D Printing

Achieve unlimited freedom of design with 3D Printing, which means creating versatile, complex designs that are impossible to make with traditional manufacturing. Or do you need to see your idea in front of you before finalizing the design? Our Rapid Prototyping service is ready to print out a cost-effective model of what you want to create.



Online Marketplace

There’s something for everyone on the i.materialise online marketplace. Discover the creations of our talented community of designers, from jewelry and phone cases to model trains and puzzles.