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From scan to 3D model with ease

Quickly convert medical image data (DICOM files) to 3D anatomical models by seamlessly integrating Mimics inPrint into your hospital’s workflow. Mimics inPrint links to your 3D printing source of choice and other advanced visualization applications to create 3D models that will prove to be invaluable for your multidisciplinary team when doing pre-surgical planning, patient consultation, and medical education.

Healthcare professional reviewing skull scans in healthcare software

Why choose Mimics inPrint?

Scalable software

Expert support

Pre-defined processes

Reliable 3D file generation

A dedicated solution

Integrable into your workflow

Explore the tools

Clean documentation of modeling results

Store modeling results on your hospital’s PACS, keep patients’ records up to date, and avoid healthcare compliance worries.

Digital image of a heart with various sections in different colors

Now I can segment and create a 3D model of a wrist in 30 minutes and a fracture in ten minutes. inPrint is intuitive, so you can learn it very quickly.

Mr. Van den WyngaertRadiographer, AZ Monica

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