3D Printing Services

Whether your product is one-of-a-kind or the first of many, you can rely on Materialise Manufacturing. Our 3D printing services offer rapid product development and innovative digital manufacturing, from concept to execution. Call on our industry-leading additive manufacturing (AM) facilities and unmatched experience to fast-track your AM project today.


Rapid prototyping

Build and test fully-functional or visual prototypes that match your final design with a wide range of materials and technologies. 

View of the middle section of a geometrical, 3D-printed chair seat from a 3D-printed prototype of a customized, futuristic-looking wheelchair, using multiple 3D printing materials. The seat is lattice-structured and made of a translucent gray resin. The wheel spokes are made of 3D-printed metal.
Row of EOS laser sintering 3D printers in a Materialise production facility

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing?

A broad range of services, technologies, and materials 

When you work with Materialise, you’ll have access to more than Europe’s largest 3D printing factory and an incredible range of technologies, materials, and finishes. You’ll find dedicated manufacturing lines and ready-to-go prototyping services, as well as design for AM experience and consultancy services — all under one roof, and with the simplicity of managing just one supplier.

We work your way

Whether you’re creating a one-off prototype or producing in low volume, we’ve got a service for you. From complex projects developed alongside our team to a part you print online at your own speed, we’re here to help in whichever way suits you best.  

A passion for 3D printing 

No one will ever love your project as much as you do — but we’ll be a close second. 3D printing is our passion, which is why we immerse ourselves fully in every step and pay close attention to every detail. We mix global expertise with local support to make you feel at home every time you work with us. 

What we know, you’ll know 

We believe that knowledge is for sharing. Through the help of a solution-oriented team, you can access everything we’ve learned about 3D printing over the last thirty years to ensure the best outcome for your project. 


Materialise believes every designer should be able to create products without limitations. Our 3D printing capacity, comprising the world’s most comprehensive range of technologies, materials, and finishing degrees, offers you unbiased access to the best solution for your project.

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