Discover how 3D printing can transform your industry

No matter your industry, 3D printing has plenty to offer. Discover the tools, applications, and services we offer for your sector and how you can benefit from adopting this technology.

Aircraft engineers working on the interior of an 737 jet airplane

Navigate the future of aerospace with shorter lead times, more affordable small series production, and the unrivaled design freedom that additive manufacturing can offer. 

Man looking at automotive designs on computer screens

From quick, performant prototypes and visual models to small series manufacturing and automotive tooling, tick every box by bringing 3D printing into existing or new production workflows.

Multi Jet Fusion 3D 프린터 스캔 영역

기술이나 기계에 관계없이 Materialise 소프트웨어는 요청에서 배송에 이르기까지 생산 프로세스의 모든 단계를 관리하고 최적화합니다. 

Two people holding up 3D-printed eyewear frames at a table with many 3D-printed frames around

Enter a new era of more sustainable, on-demand manufacturing where creativity and innovation have no boundaries and where quick time-to-market, and zero stock-risk, boost business agility.

Person using tweezers to adjust pieces on an architectural model

Bring your architectural designs to life in incredible detail with a wide range of technologies, materials, and specialized software. 

Young female sculptor working on a clay sculpture in her studio

Realize your ideas with speed, push the limits of creation, and try out a new toolkit for art and design. 

Close-up view of the tips of microsurgical instruments

Create truly unique solutions, enable mass customization across your product line, move from design to serial production quickly and affordably, and benefit from de-risked and sustainable supply chains.

A series of Samsonite suitcases are being assembled on a production line by large ABB robots.

From proof-of-concept prototypes to premium end-use goods, 3D printing can help you gain a crucial edge in a competitive market. 

Water bottle manufacturing machine in a production line

Create innovative production tools and prototypes, optimize uptime, and make obsolescence obsolete with 3D-printed spare parts that are never out of date and printed on demand.