3D-Printed Eyewear

Embrace the future of eyewear with 3D printing

Discover a world where design freedom and more sustainable, on-demand manufacturing unite to deliver the ultimate in business agility. Our intricate knowledge of 3D printing for eyewear and our dedicated production lines give you the edge you need to confidently unleash creativity and innovation and offer the richest possible experience to your customers.

From personalized frames or limited editions to a full collection, we can deliver the reliable, repeatable, and scalable quality your brand needs.

Two people holding up 3D-printed eyewear frames at a table with many 3D-printed frames around

From concept to collection

Creating an eyewear collection that reflects your brand identity, meets your quality goals, and enchants your customers requires a close collaboration that’s tailored to your individual needs. From co-creating designs and making prototypes to scaling up production and helping you deliver the ultimate customer experience, Materialise is here to support your brand.

Designing your vision

Our team of highly specialized designers can guide you in transforming even your wildest ideas into frames that take full advantage of 3D printing technology. From unique design features and clever functionality to innovative use of materials and finishes, our team has the experience and passion to help bring your vision to life.

3D-printed eyewear frames lying on top of a drawn eyewear design
Odette Lunettes eyewear frames in a powder bed in the process of being 3D printed

Why 3D-printed eyewear?

Unrivaled design freedom

Elevated business agility

Sustainability-conscious manufacturing

Scalable mass customization

3D-printed eyewear and samples with colored pencils and pens on top of a design drawing

An array of materials, colors, and finishes

As much as shape and form, it’s the choice of materials, colors, and finishes that gives head-turning eyewear its distinctive character. Inspired by our in-depth eyewear experience, our ever-expanding portfolio gives you all the ingredients you need to unleash your creativity and craft unique eyewear that precisely embodies your brand’s DNA.

3D-printed eyeglasses lying on a decorated piece with a shadow reflecting on the ground
Older female model wearing 3D-printed glasses and posing with her hand on her face
Younger female model smiling softly while wearing 3D-printed glasses


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when the look and feel of eyewear frames are a key purchase driver for your customers. From the sleek to the outré, 3D printing empowers you to infuse your brand’s DNA in every frame. Through our lookbook, explore the collections that forward-looking eyewear brands and designers have produced with us.

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