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From your most routine to complex surgeries, Materialise’s wide range of cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) solutions — from fully personalized to off-the-shelf solutions — give you the means to deliver outstanding care. 3D technologies have opened new frontiers that push the boundaries of 3D planning and device design. Your patients are unique, and 3D planning can help address their individual needs.

Skull model with 3D-printed implants attached


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Orthognathic surgery

A range of fully personalized solutions dedicated to orthognathic surgery, including orthognathic splints and 3D-printed surgical guides and implants to address your needs for even the most complex cases.

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Reconstructive surgery

Personalized guides for harvesting bone fragments at exactly the right size and angle and for resecting tumors at the correct location. Personalized plates and the appropriate screws for precise reconstruction.

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Personalized porous implants are designed and developed with you by Materialise engineers, tailored to be a perfect match for your patient’s anatomy.

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Personalized solutions for oncological tissue loss as well as where this tissue loss is due to trauma.

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TMJ Total Arthroplasty System

A personalized, surgically invasive, and implantable CMF solution comprised of a temporal and mandibular component that is intended to restore the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Benefits of Materialise Cranio-Maxillofacial Solutions

3D planning

Plan all cases with a comprehensive set of solutions for even the most complex cases

Expert support

Rely on the support of global clinical engineering experts

All-in-one solution

Reach accurate, predictable results and better patient outcomes by optimizing efficiency with personalized solutions, perfectly complemented by Materialise CMF Standard+ Solutions

Less paperwork

Boost efficiency with CE mark certification by removing the need to fill out and sign prescription forms and avoid additional checks, management, and conformity statement storage for each case

CE marking

Eliminate the requirement to provide design input and characteristics under your responsibility due to the CE marking


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Angled view of a skull model with 3D-printed implants attached
Doctor explaining something to a patient while pointing to a skull model

I can perfectly demonstrate that we can save up to one and a half hours in the operating room for a free-flap surgery, for example. In the case of orthognathic and trauma surgeries, we would do something like two osteotomies a day, and now we can perform three to four surgeries in a day in the same operating room.

Dr. Thomas SchoumanAPHP-Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Sorbonne University

With 30+ years of experience, we are the trusted choice of leading hospitals worldwide

We have supported more than 30,000 surgeries with Materialise Personalized Solutions and more than five million implants placed worldwide from our range of Materialise Standard+ Solutions.

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