Materialise Personalized Solutions

Materialise Personalized Solutions are a comprehensive range of 3D-printed surgical splints, guides, and implants leading to a more predictable and accurate surgical outcome — all while increasing patient safety.

Create plans for even the most complex cases, along with the help of clinical engineering experts every step of the way.

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All-in-one solution

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Better patient outcomes

Surgical comfort

Reduce time and costs


Orthognathic surgery

Reconstructive surgery




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1. Patient scan

Upload the patient’s (CB)CT scan and dental information to SurgiCase Online

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2. Interactive planning

A clinical engineer contacts you to participate in an interactive online planning session to define the surgical plan.

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3. Design approval

Review the surgical plan and device design online in 3D on the SurgiCase Viewer

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4. Production of splints, guides, and implants

Your orthognathic splints, surgical guides, and personalized implants are 3D printed within our certified quality management system.

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5. Surgery

Use the delivered implants and instruments in surgery to reach accurate and predictable results.

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Clinical evidence

Learn which facts back up our claims and discover the state-of-the-art research supporting additive manufacturing for CMF.

Model use resulted in a 31.3-minute (7.8%) reduction in operative time. Time-based cost savings were estimated to be $1036
“Patient-specific three-dimensional (3D) models are increasingly used to virtually plan rare surgical procedures, providing an opportunity for preoperative preparation, better understanding of individual anatomy, and implant prefabrication.”

Higher accuracy (mean deviation plan vs result: 0,4 mm)
“Clinical accuracy of waferless maxillary positioning using customized surgical guides and patient-specific osteosynthesis in bimaxillary orthognathic surgery”

The Materialise CMF Personalized Solutions quality commitment

Since 2006, our team of clinical engineers has successfully accompanied more than 30,000 cases with Personalized Solutions.

Materialise Personalized Solutions are designed to increase the surgeon’s comfort prior to and during surgery. Our clinical engineers' outstanding expertise leads to faster, more accurate and more efficient planning sessions. Cases are planned right the first time.

Our surgical guides and implants are personalized and finetuned according to the surgeon’s personal preferences.


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Materialise CMF Solutions

Full service from one single source. Combine preoperative 3D planning with 3D-printed surgical guides, splints, and plates to achieve predictable, highly accurate results and reduce time in the OR. Let’s talk about your plans

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