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Stand out from the crowd with 3D printing

From proof-of-concept prototypes to premium end-use goods, 3D printing can help you gain a crucial edge in a competitive market. Enhance your product development through rapid time-to-market and an incredible range of technologies, materials, and finishes that make your products stand out from the crowd and ensure you get there first. With low-risk investment costs and the freedom to personalize to an individual’s anatomy or preference, you can diversify your portfolio to grab a share of new and emerging markets. 

A series of Samsonite suitcases are being assembled on a production line by large ABB robots.

Why choose 3D printing? 

Rapid time-to-market 

Low-risk innovation 

Customization and personalization 

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing? 

Access our incredible portfolio 

Create custom digital workflows 

Develop new AM-ready concepts 

Ideal materials for consumer goods

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Typical 3D printing applications for consumer goods

Small appliances

Move through every stage of the product development cycle quickly and affordably; develop new prototypes or proof of concepts, test your market, and apply what you learn by easily reworking your digital designs. 

Young child sitting on a wooden floor, playing with the Cubetto Playset from Primo Toys that teaches kids how to code — even if they’re too young to read or write.


Get inspired for your next project by looking at how others have used 3D printing to create consumer goods. 

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