Product Information


Supported Communication Protocols

  • XY2-100 
  • SL2-100 
  • PWM, Frequency, Analog Laser interfaces 
  • Analog and Digital I/O 
  • Stepper interface 
  • RS232
  • RS485 
  • USB 
  • Modbus (RS485 and TCP/IP) 
  • Profibus 
  • OPC-UA 
  • And many more


Build Processor

Fine-tune your research process

The Machine Control Platform comes with its own dedicated Build Processor* for researching and defining the optimal parameters for your process. It offers access to more than 250 parameters and you can experiment with different zones and patterns of the MDM.

  • It processes and transfers the build data to your controller without any human interaction    
  • It automatically reads out your controller configuration in order to stay within the physical limits of your machine

* Build Processor for LS, LM and SL technology 


Easily configure and set up your machine control system 

With this toolbox, you can easily communicate with your hardware components.

  • Configure your hardware devices with easy tree structures    
  • Write your scripts in a Lua-embedded environment with parallel processing    
  • Set up the correct communication services    
  • Rely on an integrated debugging feature    
  • Calibrate your entire optical set-up


Intuitive direct interaction with your machine

 The interface allows you to operate the AM machine and monitor the build status from anywhere on your network.

  • Start or stop your build  
  • Run custom scripts    
  • Manually control your hardware components    
  • Adapt the interface to the controller configuration    
  • Monitor the control system parameters