3D Planning & Guides for Osteotomies

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More than 80%1 of rotational deformities go unnoticed in X-rays, and 60%2 of osteotomies do not obtain the planned correction. Don’t compromise on the outcome of your bone deformity corrections. Personalized 3D solutions can support you in achieving more predictable outcomes and high patient satisfaction.


Benefits of working with us

Unmatched expertise

Materialise has pioneered and supported more than 700 surgeons worldwide with over 3,000 cases since 2010.

Gain confidence

Preoperative planning with our clinical engineers helps you be better prepared, reduce intra-operative decisions, and educate your patients.

Find the best fixation

We collaborate with leading plate manufacturers to optimize fixation possibilities.

Improve patient outcomes

Clinical evidence shows postoperative improvement of pain and function with good patient satisfaction.3,4,5

How we support you

Unique 3D analysis

To start, 3D models are created based on your patient’s CT scans. By overlaying the mirrored, contralateral side on top of the surgical side, you can analyze the deformity compared to the patient’s healthy anatomy. Based on this analysis, you can get a more precise definition of the required correction.


Malunions and non-unions

Caused by trauma for adult and pediatric patients and lead to a loss of function, pain, and deformity

Congenital deformities

For example, Madelung's deformity


For early-stage osteoarthritis of the knee and ankle

Upper extremities/anatomies

Clavicle guides

3D-printed drilling and cutting guides

Lower extremities/anatomies

Ankle guides

3D-printed drilling and cutting guides

Clinical evidence

As described in scientific literature, Materialise’s personalized system for osteotomies may reduce operative and fluoroscopy time and add precision to the definition of the required correction and execution. It is reported to enable greater postoperative improvement of pain, patient satisfaction, and DASH scores than conventional surgical methods.

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