The Power of Materialise Magics for Each Machine

3D Printing is complex and the communication between software and hardware is not always as accurate as it should be. That is why we keep developing products that will simplify and enhance the customer’s experience with 3D printers.

From now on, machine manufacturers can offer their customers professional data preparation software in combination with their machine. Materialise Magics Print allows users to repair files and prepare them for 3D Printing. This software will offer customers the best experience possible with their machine. 

Connect Your Machine to: 

Superior Data Preparation Software

  • Modern, intuitive interface that offers branding possibilities
  • Industry standard for geometrically correct fixing
  • Fast build platform preparation
  • One-on-one relationship between hard- and software

State-of-the-Art Machine Communication Software

  • Unmatched speed and precision
  • Zone-based slicing
  • Material specific print profiles
  • Unique slice-based processing algorithms for handling complex files