For less invasive and more accurate knee surgery.


Knee guides bring the benefits of 3D image-based patient care right down to the operating room. After carefully planning for an operation, it is immensely reassuring to apply the specific guide and know that the right incisions are being accurately made. The increased efficiency avoids outliers or bad alignment, and so leads to less invasive surgery with faster recovery times.

Ultimately, Materialise knee guides can save time in operations and require fewer instruments and therefore less sterilization. So they fit perfectly into the current push to save costs and increase benefits in the logistical chain.

As one of the foremost companies in 3D software and manufacturing, Materialise has been the largest supplier of knee guides for several years. Our capacity, stability and reliability make us the ideal partner for building long-term relations in the medical field.

The patient-specific guide solutions for the knee joint are available to orthopedic surgeons via partnerships with well-known global implant manufacturers. To start using our next-generation personalized guides, contact us and one of our skilled engineers will guide you through the necessary steps to start treating your patients with our knee arthroplasty solutions.

Saving a Six-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Knee

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