Helping people help people

The daily mission to create a better and healthier world extends beyond our work as an innovator. Materialise supports a number of projects that enable people to actively help other people around the world.

Benin Summer School
Supporting Benin's future managers

Materialise’s Summer School Benin project, run together with Hubi & Vinciane, provides scholarships that open the door of higher education to students with management potential. We select the students that prove themselves during a special month-long, Summer School program. This requires them to work on a community-based project using skills later needed for to run local hospitals and schools.


Silk Road China
Impacting young Chinese children

Materialise China, together with Adream and TEACH are bringing innovation to West Chinese children using a mobile Dream Bus. Through the transmission of three core competencies - creative-thinking, problem-solving and co-creation - students grow self-confidence, broaden their mind-set and are introduced to 3D printing.

African Drive
Setting Africa in motion

The state of the roads and vehicles in Africa is a clear obstacle to economic development. African Drive, which was founded by our CEO Fried Vancraen, aims to challenge European automotive companies and their suppliers to bring a series of vans onto the African markets that are specifically suited to the needs of Africa - both functionally and economically.