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In a shoulder arthroplasty with a severe glenoid defect, the remaining bone stock is often insufficient to fixate standard baseplates, and the defect can be too large or oblique for a bone graft.  

Don't compromise the outcome of complex shoulder cases. Enhance predictability with personalized Glenius implants. 

3D-printed Glenius shoulder implant in a shoulder model

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How Glenius makes personalization easy

Unique 3D analysis

Based on the segmented CT scan, our experienced clinical engineers implement statistic shape model technology to quantify the glenoid bone loss.

Digital model of a shoulder bone

Seeing the patient three weeks after surgery with no pain and already substantial active ROM made my day. I am so happy having the Glenius component as a treatment option in those cases requiring reversed shoulder arthroplasty with severe bone loss of the glenoid.

Dr. H. Van der BrachtAZ Sint-Lucas, Gent, Belgium

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1 Based on post-marketing surveillance (PMS) in 2019

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