Artificial Intelligence

Medical image segmentation, planning, and design are often the most time-consuming and difficult steps to learn when creating personalized devices. Artificial intelligence (AI) — particularly machine learning — boosts the development of new automated algorithms and potentially removes the hurdles of personalization in healthcare.

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AI user benefit

Increase efficiency and consistency

Deal with peaks in caseload without sacrificing quality

Spend more time on higher-value tasks

You can confidently use Mimics Innovation Suite to:

  • Increase segmentation efficiency and consistency immediately by using the AI algorithms already available in Mimics
  • Effectively create consistent training datasets for your AI research
  • Easily verify the accuracy of your automatic segmentation results
  • Make your own AI algorithms easily accessible to the end-user through Mimics

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AI-enabled refers to numerical algorithms using artificial intelligence including thresholding, machine learning, deep learning, graph-based & model-based segmentation algorithms and combinations thereof which have been locked and validated before being released. It does not refer to any form of adaptive AI/ML.