Together towards a just, inclusive, and healthy society

We recognize the important role we play, both for our workers and for the communities around us. We are committed to helping create a more just, inclusive, and healthy society, and empowering meaningful change by sharing our know-how, technology, and resources. 


Passion for personalization

At Materialise, we have a deep understanding of healthcare systems. And as a pioneer and world leader in personalized medical devices, we also understand the impact of surgical guides and implants that accurately fit a patient’s anatomy. With our knowledge and our passion for personalization, we aim to provide support via a focus on: 

  • enabling surgeons to ‘get it right the first time’ 
  • helping patients with challenging clinical conditions who have no other options 
  • providing solutions for lower-income populations 

By collaborating with our partners and exploring new meaningful applications, we have also been able to help even more people live better, healthier lives through the creation of personalized hearing aids, eyewear, and orthotics, taking the benefits of 3D printing one step further.  

Jeans blue 3D-printed glasses in the Luxura finish
Woman holding a Materialise passive NIP mask in gloved hands

Putting our people first

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Employees standing in the hall of materialise office
A 3D printing production worker is emptying a bucket of white PA 12 powder and small 3D-printed parts into a metal container. A large suction nozzle above the container draws up the loose powder, leaving the laser sintered parts behind for further cleaning.

Sustainable supply chain policy