footscan v9

An intuitive platform for static and dynamic analysis, 3D visualizations, force graphs, and side-by-side comparisons. Interpret data, design accordingly, and order 3D-printed orthotics — all in one environment.

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Software options

v9 Essentials

Package for primary gait analysis and 3D scanning. Includes static measurement analysis.

v9 Clinical

Clinical and biomechanical assessment package for healthcare professionals. Includes server-based database sharing.

v9 Scientific

Biomechanical assessment and raw data export package for researchers. Includes synchronization with third-party equipment (force plates, motion capture systems, EMG systems, etc.) and server-based database sharing.

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Why choose footscan v9?

Intuitive and user-friendly

Our easy-to-use analysis software and design wizard offer predictive proposals for key parameters of the insole. With enhanced visualization, you can have a detailed pressure and volumetric overview of all areas while providing understandable insights to your patient.

Highly scalable

Thanks to its precise and automated digital workflow, Materialise Phits Suite speeds up analyses, diagnosing processes, and orthotic design and manufacturing, allowing you to treat more patients. Repeat orders in a few clicks, keep data in one software environment, and give your patients your undivided attention.

Enhanced patient experience

Patient engagement is essential for high-quality healthcare. That is why footscan software offers clear visualization and reporting to guide patients through the process, enhancing their understanding and adoption of the proposed treatment.

Evidence-based, backed by research

Through research and collaboration with leading universities, we continuously improve our algorithms. Our commitment to innovation, led by science, differentiates our measurement systems and software as Class 1 medical devices.

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The future is now. Are you in?

We support healthcare professionals by offering an end-to-end solution that combines advanced digital motion capture technology, analysis software, and 3D-printed orthotics.

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Guided by 25+ years of experience in plantar pressure measurement technology, we are industry frontrunners with thousands of footscan users worldwide.

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