Personalized 3D-Printed Implants

For patients interested in knowing more about a personalized implant from Materialise, you can download patient information leaflets for our cranio-maxillofacial, Glenius shoulder, aMace hip, and aMace Onco implants.

Please note that language and manufacturing information on both the patient information leaflets and cards may change according to the region where the implant was purchased.

Skull model with 3D-printed implants attached

Cranio-maxillofacial implants

Personalized cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implants are for bone reconstruction and bone defect restorations of the skullcap, forehead, temples, eye sockets, and upper and lower jaws.

Materialise Personalized Solutions: PorousiTi and BioTi Implants


Materialise Personalized Solutions: Materialise PorousiTi


Europa (Excluding France)

TRUMATCH® CMF Titanium 3D Printed Implants



Lower half of a skull model with the TMJ Total Arthroplasty System attached

CMF - TMJ Total Arthroplasty System

Personalized cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implant for restoration of the temporomandibular joint in shape and function.



3D-printed Glenius shoulder implant on a shoulder model

Glenius shoulder implants

When it comes to shoulder joint replacements, a personalized approach can often be more suitable than standard solutions — particularly in cases involving severe bone defects.

3D-printed aMace hip implant in a hip model

aMace hip implants

These personalized hip implants are for use in primary or revision surgery of patients presenting severe acetabular defects.

3D-printed aMace Onco Implant

aMace Onco implants

These personalized hip implants are for use in the surgery of oncology patients.

What your patient implant card looks like

Your surgeon will provide you with an International Implant Card, which includes the identifiable details of your particular implanted device. They will complete it with information specific to your surgery. Please contact your surgeon if you lose your card.


The above patient cards are representative. Information may differ according to the kind of implant and the country in which the implant was purchased.


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