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For 3D Printing to be successful, the quality of the machines and the materials matters. So does the quality of the software. Many companies specialized in software are showing interest in 3D printing software. But why work on the same software products if we can collaborate and complement each other? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Speed up your entrance into the 3D printing scene by connecting your software platform to our industry-approved suite. Or create a version that’s perfect for your target audience together with our experts. Let’s collaborate and combine our software expertise!

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Materialise Announces Partnership with HCL Technologies on Platform for Hybrid Manufacturing

6月 04, 2018

Materialise has partnered with HCL Technologies to develop a platform that provides increased integration for hybrid manufacturing. With this collaboration, CAMWorksR software from HCL will be Powered by Materialise AM technology to facilitate the production of metal parts, combining the benefits of AM freedom of design with the speed and accuracy of CNC machining. 


Materialise and PTC Extend Integrated 3D Printing Capabilities to Manufacturers

2月 12, 2018

Materialise and PTC have partnered to increase the 3D printing capabilities of PTC’s Creo suite of CAD software. This collaboration will expand access to 3D printing and allow manufacturers to more easily integrate 3D printing capabilities into their manufacturing process, signaling another milestone in the increasing adoption of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry.


Siemens and Materialise technology integration streamlines product design through 3D printing

4月 11, 2017

Siemens and Materialise have integrated additive manufacturing (AM) technology from Materialise into Siemens’ NX™ software, streamlining the design to manufacturing process for the rapidly growing universe of products being produced using AM (a.k.a. 3D printing).


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“Until now, the additive manufacturing process required manufacturers to work with two separate systems – one for product design, and another to prepare that design for 3D printing. The data translation issues and lack of associativity between these two systems created a process that was time consuming and subject to errors. By eliminating these issues, we are helping to expand the adoption of additive manufacturing as a universally accepted production tool.”

– Zvi Feuer, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering Software for Siemens PLM Software.