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Magics サポートに自動で角度付け

To improve part quality, it can be preferred to transform part-to-part support into angled support structure. As of Materialise Magics 23, you no longer need to do this manually. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to automatically angle several part-to-part supports in a few clicks. In addition, we’ll explore the alternative of in-line angled support. A useful tool when you want to angle the support immediately from the connection points with the surface, allowing you to achieve better results with complex surfaces. 

このビデオは Materialise Magics 23 を使用して録画されました。




0:11 - 数クリックで角度付きサポートを作成

0:40 - より複雑なパーツに角度付きサポートが付けられるメリット

作成者: Alberto Guarin
チュートリアル作成日 31 8月 2018
最終変更日 31 8月 2018


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