Mastering Surgical Guide Design: Creating Excellence with the Mimics Innovation Suite

Mimics Innovation Suite software showing on a computer screen with a 3D model of a bone and a personalized surgical guide

A propos de ce webinar

Create personalized surgical guides with unmatched ease and efficiency using Mimics Innovation Suite. From streamlined workflows to comprehensive tools and interactive design capabilities, this webinar will reshape your approach to guide creation. Moreover, Vito van Dal and Pieter-Jan Scheerlinck, Technical Physicians at the ETZ (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis) in Tilburg, the Netherlands, will share insights into the clinical usage of the design module to create guides in-house. 

Ce que vous apprendrez

  • Gain a deep understanding of creating surgical guides with enhanced precision, efficiency, and control in Mimics Innovation Suite. Learn how to streamline workflows, utilize predefined guide features, and harness parametric design capabilities.
  • Elevate guide design: Discover how Mimics Innovation Suite empowers you to easily bring your visions to life. Our platform offers intuitive tools for hole drilling and flange, guide bridge, and cut slot creation, allowing you to achieve remarkable results swiftly and confidently.
  • Redefine efficiency: See how predefined guide features become your allies in the design process. Say goodbye to hours of meticulous work — your designs are just a few clicks away. 
  • Empowering simplicity: Tired of grappling with complex design processes? Learn how Mimics Innovation Suite significantly reduces the learning curve with streamlined design methods. 
  • Seamless workflows: Experience the benefits of a harmonious workflow that promotes precision and reduces errors.

Meet the speakers

Laurens Beelen

Medical Application Specialist, Materialise

Erik Schulte

Medical Sales Engineer, Materialise

Vito van Dal

Technical Physician at Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis, Tilburg, and PHD Candidate CMF at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Pieter-Jan Scheerlinck

3D Specialist, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis' 3D Lab, Tilburg

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