Match Point System™ for Reverse Shoulder Replacement: Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale

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Continuing our tradition of innovation, Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., performed the first reverse shoulder replacement in the nation utilizing the recently FDA-approved Match Point System™, designed to assist surgeons in positioning the shoulder socket (glenoid) component. Orthopaedic surgeon Jonathan  Levy, MD, of the Holy Cross Orthopedic Institute performed the surgery on a 62-year-old female patient.

The Match Point System generates a preoperative plan based on medical imaging data. The preoperative plan displays a virtual 3D model of the patient's scapula, a glenoid implant for either reverse or total shoulder replacement positioned onto the glenoid surface, and the central pin which corresponds to the glenoid implant's position. The implant and pin are initially displayed in a default location according to the surgical technique of the respective implant system. The surgeon modifies the default position by rotating and translating the pin and implant orientation. Once the implant is in the desired position, the surgeon approves the preoperative plan.

Once approved, a Match Point System guide is designed and manufactured based on the preoperative plan. Match Point System guides are patient-specific templates that transfer the preoperatively approved pin positioning to the patient intra-operatively. The guide consists of a patient-specific baseplate that conforms to the patient's anatomy. 

In this webisode, Dr. Levy explains what this all means for the patient who is suffering from osteoarthritis.

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