Better. Healthier.
Together we can create
a world driven by innovation.

“Our mission is to innovate product development that results in a better and healthier world, through our software and hardware infrastructure, and an in-depth knowledge of Additive Manufacturing.”
Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise

Wilfried Vancraen

This mission statement remained the driving force behind the growing Materialise team as years and decades went by. Everyone at Materialise still shares that same passion for creating, re-inventing, innovating in order to change people’s live for the better. Together, we can keep our eyes on the future.

Values give our lives meaning.

At Materialise, our values are the principles that shape and drive us. We commit to these, to deliver on our mission.

Meaningful Innovation.

Why innovate for the sake of innovation?

We create value through technology, designing next-generation products that transform the way companies do business, improve lives and unlock the potential to change the faces of industries.

Results-driven Co-creation.

Why not merge your experience and creativity
with our knowledge and expertise of 3D printing?

We collaborate to approach problems in different ways. And together with you, our teams think solutions to drive results.

Transparent Integrity.

Why say what we do if we’re not doing what we say?

We build trust and long-term relationships based on mutual respect, openness, honesty and reliability.

Passionate People.

Why are we ahead of all the rest?

We invest in people because they are the cornerstone of our success. Inspired by our mission and curious by nature, they go the extra mile.

Sustainable Quality.

Why build if it’s not built to last?

We ensure quality in everything we do. As customer needs and technologies evolve, we improve to remain relevant over time.