Materialise Long March

Sparking innovation in rural China

Initiated by the Materialise China office, the Long March project aims to bring innovation and development to the classrooms of rural China by introducing young children to 3D printing technology.

About the Project

Materialise set up the Long March in cooperation with Chinese charity organization Adream, and TEACH, a provider of educational 3D printing courses. Our aim is to stimulate the development of rural China by introducing schoolchildren to the possibilities of 3D Printing.

By means of a series of classes taught in the Long March, our volunteers will transmit three core competences: creative thinking, problem-solving and co-creation. Hopefully students will feel inspired to develop their own instincts for innovation.

Dream Bus

The Dream Bus is a fully equipped, high-tech classroom with projectors, tablets and desktop 3D printers, where Materialise volunteers will give classes to schoolchildren in remote provinces and introduce them to 3D Printing. The bus has a classroom capacity of 40 students, and was designed to be a supportive and inspiring working environment for the children.

Innovative Education

It is through the innovative and creative lesson content of the classes that children of different ages can explore the magic of technology. The 3D printing classes are run by Materialise volunteers, who choose a topic to inspire the imagination of the children. Working with a cube-based software program, the children are given the opportunity to design objects on tablets, and the designs are subsequently printed out with the 3D printers provided by TEACH.

Follow the Journey of Materialise Long March

  • Jinzhai
  • Jishou
  • Jingzhou
  • Xiangtan
  • Shanghang
  • Changting
  • Shangrao
  • Qichun
  • Laohekou
  • Songtao
  • Zunyi
  • Puding
  • Neijiang
  • Dayi
  • Minxian
  • Dingxi

Materialise Team

The Materialise China Office has a passionate team of volunteers devoted to contributing to the development of thousands of students in rural China in order to work towards a better and healthier world.

The idea for the Long March project was an initiative of Tom Yan, Senior Account Manager at Materialise China. He strongly believed that 3D Printing could benefit the growth and development of China, and came up with the idea of introducing the technology to rural children who would otherwise never come into contact with a 3D printer.

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