Better. Healthier.
Together we can create
a world driven by innovation.

One of the first things founder Fried Vancraen did for the official opening reception in 1990, was to create the Materialise mission statement, which remains pretty much the same today.

“Our mission is to innovate product development that results in a better and healthier world, through our software and hardware infrastructure, and an in-depth knowledge of Additive Manufacturing.”
Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise

Wilfried Vancraen

This mission statement remained the driving force behind the growing Materialise team as years and decades went by. Everyone at Materialise still shares that same passion for creating, re-inventing, innovating in order to change people’s live for the better. Together, we can keep our eyes on the future.

Principles are how we give our lives meaning

Just as values shape us as individuals, our principles shape Materialise as a company. What drives us?


Innovation, but meaningful. New, but improved. Why work towards change for change’s sake when there is a greater goal? For us, that means transforming the way companies do business so as to improve everyone’s lives and bring value to individuals.


Change thrives on collaboration. We all have different ways of approaching problems and getting results. So why not build relationships that merge your experience, knowledge and creativity with our understanding of 3D printing? Two heads really are better than one.


The real breakthroughs achieved at Materialise are built on trust and mutual respect, which is why long-term relationships are so important to us. And that is why being honest, reliable, open and transparent are so central to the way we work with you.


Inspiration and curiosity drive us in very real ways. We live and breathe our missions. We follow trends. We go the extra mile to find smart solutions. At Materialise, we give our people a vibrant, open environment that invests in their energy.


Quality lasts. It’s what keeps solutions relevant over time. So our state-of-the-art software and high-quality prints and services are constantly being refined to ensure our customers get the quality and reliability they deserve. And as the technology and your needs evolve, so does our approach to quality.