3D-printed eyewear

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when the look and feel of eyewear frames are a key purchase driver for your customers. From the sleek to the outré, 3D printing empowers designers to infuse their brand’s DNA in every frame. Through the lookbook, you can explore the collections eyewear brands and designers have produced with us. 

A hand holding weareannu's 3D-printed Panto 02 M sunglasses
Man posing in McLaren eyeglasses in front of a McLaren vehicle
Female model looking into a camera, weraing purple eyewear from the BAARS Selasi collection
The Vuzix Shield, smart eyewear with a 3D-printed titanium bridge.
Angled view of the bottom right of Porsche sunglasses
Grey-scale image of a female model wearing eyewear from the Hoet Cabrio collection
Black female model posing with her hand in front of her face while wearing blue sunglasses from the JFRey Nautinew collection
Top view of Impressio 609 Vortex sunglasses on a black background
Top view of DA27 x Lasnik eyewear on a white surface
Female model in blue wearing nude-colored sunglasses from BAARS x Gogosha and looking to the side
A Black male model and a white female model looking into the camera while wearing eyewear from the Hoet Cabrio collection
Top view of 3D-printed, salmon-colored eyewear by Oxydo
Profile view of a black male model in grey-scale wearing Seiko Xchanger eyewear
Black male model in a running position wearing sunglasses from the Vava Red Label collection
Female model leaning on a male model while modeling Hoet sunglasses from the Cabrio collection
Male and female models in black on a black background wearing Morrow Optics eyewear
Black female model and white male model looking into the camera wearing eyewear from Hoet's Cabrio M-PZ collection
Overhead close-up of the hinge on the fmhofmann Cosmos eyeglasses
Female model wearing yellow and male wearing grey, both wearing eyewear from Hoet Cabrio collection
Female model with wavy hair holding neck while looking up, wearing red Yuniku Cabrio eyewear
Model wearing a blue furry jacket and blue, artistic sunglasses designed by David Ring
Black smart safety glasses by Iristick on a white background