Mass Customization

Offer truly personalized products and create unique customer experiences

The customer is always right — with 3D printing’s potential to make mass customization scaleable and economically viable, you can ensure every product is right for them, from tailor-made solutions to small series production. Take advantage of our knowledge to integrate reliable, repeatable, and fully digital workflows from scan to print and automate your design and order flow.

Rows of 3D-printed eyewear frames in different colors

Why choose 3D printing?

Automated customization from scan to print

Revolutionize your product strategy

Lean manufacture: series of one

Tailor-made designs


Get inspired for your next project by looking at how others have benefited from mass customization through 3D printing.

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Other applications

Small series production

Discover how you can reduce your time-to-market, improve performance, and optimize your supply chain with 3D printing.

A series of metal 3D-printed production line parts