The Powered by Materialise Program

Through our quality label program, our partners get access to our vast expertise, knowledge, and proven processes in 3D printing technology, software development, and engineering. Transition towards a digital manufacturing process and supply chain with the help of this partnership.

EOS 3D printers with the 'Powered by Materialise' logo

Why join the program?

World-class products

Our products meet the highest standards of the most demanding industries. We have obtained several certificates, such as EN9100 and EASA.21G. To stay at the forefront of the industry, we spent 17% of our revenue on R&D.

A reliable partner

Materialise was founded when the first 3D printers were being created, and we’ve been innovating the industry ever since. By adopting our quality label, your brand will benefit from our brand reputation, giving your company a competitive edge.

Increased market penetration

Committing to a co-branding arrangement will make our customer base put trust in your products. This will allow you to gain market share or enlarge your penetration of the 3D printing market.

Program requirements

Access to our quality label program is limited to original equipment manufacturers and independent software vendors that have one or more Materialise solutions embedded in their business. Partners that have closed a software agreement fall in this category. For more information, please contact your dedicated account manager or fill in the form below.

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