Materialise Phits Suite

Digital orthotics workflow for foot and ankle experts

Your patients wear orthotics while they move. So, why not make them based on how they move? With cutting-edge pressure plates and analysis software, built on years of scientific research, you can use dynamic data of your patient’s movement to determine what’s happening underneath the foot and generate orthotic recommendations. That means no longer relying on visual assessments alone, so you can easily create a unique corrective insole that supports your patients where they need it most.

Doctor crouching down to observe a patient running on a footscan

Why choose Materialise Phits Suite?

Intuitive and user-friendly

An easy-to-use design wizard and crystal-clear visualizations make analysis, design, and ordering phits orthotics effortless. Keep track of every change, alter each recommendation as you see fit using simple sliders, and move through the entire process in as few as three clicks.

Highly scalable

Thanks to its precise and automated digital workflow, you can speed up the process of analysis, diagnosis, and phits orthotic design and manufacturing, allowing you to treat more patients. Easily retrieve patient data to repeat orders down the line, from single orthotics to multiple pairs.

Enhance patient experience

Easily explain your treatment plan and monitor progress over time using clear visualizations and reporting features. Not only will this help patients understand their situation, it will help bring them on board, while their custom phits orthotics will provide superior results.

True customization

Develop truly custom phits orthotics for each patient based on their unique gait, lifestyle needs, or favorite footwear. Manually adjust everything from the location of the metatarsal pad to the center of the pressure line and the height of the navicular support.

Backed by research

Through research and collaboration with leading universities, we continuously improve our algorithms. Our commitment to innovation, led by science, sets our state-of-the-art software and measurement systems apart.

Powered by footscan technology

Guided by 25+ years of experience in plantar pressure measurement technology, we are industry frontrunners with thousands of footscan users worldwide. Our dynamic gait measuring systems and analysis software are suitable for clinical, retail, and scientific use.

A more accurate, efficient, and fully customized workflow

Designed by foot and ankle experts for foot and ankle experts, this seamless digital workflow will have you working smarter, not harder; and all in three easy steps.

Icon of a woman running with measurements coming from her legs

1. Measure

Obtain swift, accurate, real-time dynamic data, from your patient’s unique movement to their roll-off pattern and pressure points using footscan pressure plates and 3D scanners.

Icon of the bottoms of feet with lines through them

2. Analyze

Observe how your patient’s feet move in realistic situations and identify pressure points, timing, and abnormalities across every phase of their gait.

Icon of two 3D-printed insoles

3. Order

Automate and adapt your custom 3D-printed phits orthotic design, then (re)order in as few as three clicks.

Frequently asked questions

We used to allocate 45 minutes for the assessment. Now we schedule 30 minutes, but the entire process can be done in 15 to 20 minutes. It’s terrific how my workflow is so much faster and more efficient.

Dr. Jenny SandersDPM and Founder Financial District Foot and Ankle Center. Go 4-D ambassador with over 20 years of clinical and biomechanical experience


Phits Suite
Kinetic Suite
Footscan Suite
Combine footscan pressure plates and 3D scanners
Analyze individual dynamic data
Design and adjust automated orthotic designs with a built-in design wizard
(Re)order 3D-printed phits orthotics
Standard package
footscan v9 software
Pressure plate
Entry level (0.5/1 m)
Advanced/High-end level (1/2m)
3D interface box for external research system connectivity
phits ordering system

The future is now. Are you in?

Transform your podiatric workflow with an end-to-end solution that combines advanced digital motion capture technology, analysis software, and 3D-printed phits orthotics.

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