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Enabling personalized care for everyone

What works for one patient often doesn’t work for another. Even when the conditions and required surgical procedures are identical, each patient remains unique because of their specific anatomy. At Materialise, we believe that personalization is the key to achieving more predictable patient care.

Doctor holding a 3D-printed anatomical model and pointing to a screen including the digital design of a personalized hip implant while talking to a patient

Our offer

Materialise is a 3D technology company providing personalized healthcare solutions since 1992. Today, our portfolio includes software that forms the foundation of medical 3D printing and 3D surgical planning in clinical and research environments worldwide. Materialise is also a leader in providing personalized surgical guides and titanium implants made to match each patient’s anatomy for the cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) and orthopaedics segments.

Metal 3D-printed implant on a hip model
Close-up view of the end of a custom, 3D-printed orthotic insole


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