Materialise Magics 25

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Our most recent Magics update is here to help users get more out of their time spent in data and build preparation.

Magics is now easier to use than ever while enabling data preppers to increase productivity and gain more control over their parts. The new streamlined workflows mean that users can accomplish more without clicking over and over again. Boasting intuitive new interfaces, accelerated processes, and full-build simulations, preparing great designs with the new Magics is a walk in the park.

See how easily you can achieve more with Magics 25.

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Magics 25 enables you to:

  • Improve part quality and reduce build failures by simulating entire builds at once, including the build plate
  • Enhance metal supports with physics-based support suggestions
  • Halve the number of clicks needed to semi-automatically fix a part
  • Simplify post-processing by building and labeling freeform Sinterboxes and creating internal walls
  • Reduce the hassle of reactivating your license with the automatic renewal option
  • Speed up automatic fixing by 40% thanks to Autofix improvements
  • Use fewer clicks while achieving more flexibility and control when marking
  • And much more


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“I know that my work will be completed quickly and reliably with Magics. I can always count on its intuitive workflow.”

– Kuno Mønster, GN Audio A/S

“Magics 25 is even faster and more user-friendly than Magics 24.”

– Xinlei, Liu, HP Printing Shangdong Co.,Ltd.

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Materialise Magics 25

Click less, achieve more

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