3D-printed eyewear

A new way to express your brand’s DNA

Discover a world with design freedom. A world where fast fashion meets on-demand manufacturing so you can forget about stock risks. 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities in shapes, styles, functionality and customization. With 3D printing no two collections are ever the same; and most importantly, your brand’s design DNA shines through in every frame. We’ve partnered with dozens of brands since 2013 to bring their eyewear collections to the market.

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How 3D-printed eyewear can elevate your brand

From achieving your aesthetic ambitions to bolstering your business benefits, 3D printing is the technology you need to raise your eyewear brand to the next level.

3D-Printed Eyewear | Aesthetics


3D-Printed Eyewear | Performance


3D-Printed Eyewear | Profitability


3D-Printed Eyewear_benefits | Innovation


3D Printed Eyewear | Concept to collection

3D Printed Eyewear | Concept to collection

Concept to collection, certified manufacturing for eyewear

As an industry and as a product, eyewear has unique requirements that Materialise has invested in discovering, respecting and exceeding. Creating an eyewear collection that reflects your brand identity and meets your quality goals requires a close collaboration that puts your needs first. From co-creating designs to scaling up production, we’re here to support your brand.

If you’re looking for more than ‘just’ 3D-printed eyewear, you need more than just a 3D printing service.

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3D Printed Eyewear | Materialise Luxura

Materialise Luxura, the finishing touch

What sets apart a premium eyewear collection from just another 3D-printed frame? The right finish can make all the difference. We offer you Luxura: top-quality consumer-grade finishing degrees to ensure your eyewear looks and feels like the winner that it is.

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Dozens of brands have partnered with Materialise since 2013 to bring 3D-printed eyewear collections to the market. From designer ateliers to mainstream consumer brands, read their 3D printing discovery story and learn from their insights.

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