Warsaw Industry Week

06 Nov 2018 - 08 Nov 2018 Warsaw, Polonia

Welcome to the largest industrial fair in Poland. The Warsaw Industry Week is well-attended by representatives from industrial sectors including automotive, rail transport, machine manufacturing, and industrial automation. Visitors are invited to discover modern production technologies and supply chain optimization, such as 3D Printing.

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Warsaw Industry Week

14 Nov 2017 - 16 Nov 2017 10:00 CEST Ptak Warsaw Expo, Polonia

Where can you find valuable contacts, look for an industrial partner, find the best deal for your business?

The answer is Warsaw Industry Week, Europe's largest industrial event, the venue for successful meetings in the metalworking, plastics, woodworking and many other industries.

Optimal location, "know-how" in the implementation of industrial events, specialized exhibition zones, professional thematic sectors, and all for three days. Ptak Warsaw Expo has acquired the character of an industrial town where science meets business.

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Manufacturing Leaders Forum Europe

06 Giu 2018 - 08 Giu 2018 Warsaw, Polonia Leggi tutto

ITM - 3D Solutions

05 Giu 2018 - 08 Giu 2018 Poznan, Polonia Leggi tutto

ITM Poland

06 Giu 2017 - 09 Giu 2017 09:00 CEST Poznan Congress Center, ul. Glogowska 14, Poznan, Polonia

ITM Poland aims to present and promote the achievements of industry on a global scale, to explore the business practices which enable innovations and the factory of the future.

Mach-Tool is an exhibition focusing on machines and tools, within ITM Poland.

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Dni Druku 3D 2018

10 Apr 2018 - 12 Apr 2018 Kielce, Polonia Leggi tutto