Materialise World Summit

14 Mag 2020 - 15 Mag 2020 9:00 EEST Brussels , Belgio

The Materialise World Summit (MWS) is a two-day event bringing decision makers from a wide range of businesses and industries together to discuss the milestones taking place within 3D printing (3DP) technology. At a moment when digital manufacturing is already a reality and 3DP technology is at a crossroads, this summit is set to provoke conversations that will lead to collaborative innovation. We will be tapping into Materialise’s extensive network of leading healthcare, industrial and technological businesses in order to bring key stakeholders together.

Materialise World Summit 2020


Mimics Innovation Course

23 Ott 2019 - 24 Ott 2019 Leuven, Belgio

The Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) is the versatile tool you need to construct a 3D model from medical image data, whether your end goal is to optimize your mesh for biomechanical analysis, simulate and plan surgeries, or design patient-specific devices. The Suite also allows you to automate your workflows, potentially saving a lot of time and achieving more consistency.  

If you want to get a head-start on segmenting medical images to create 3D models using the Mimics Innovation Suite, then this is the training for you.

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Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing

08 Ott 2019 - 09 Ott 2019 Leuven, Belgio

Getting started with Metal 3D Printing? Regardless of the industry you operate in, success in Metal 3D Printing depends on your mastery of the printing process. If you’re looking to understand the various factors which come into play in Metal AM, and how to manage these factors, we’ve got you covered.

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Solutions for complex hip surgery: the German experience

11 Ott 2018 4:00 pm CEST Leuven, Belgio

Prof. Dr. med. Wippermann, chief physician at the Helios Hospital Hildesheim, has a long-term experience in treating complex hip defects. During this webinar, he will explain why he opted for the Materialise aMace solution, share some of his key learnings, and demonstrate its most important benefits.

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Mimics Innovation Suite – Augmenting the Academic Experience

02 Ott 2018 4:00 pm CEST Leuven, Belgio

Join assistant prof. Ellen Roche (MIT) as she shows you how the image-processing 3D medical software enables her to translate research concepts into innovative devices to repair or augment cardiac functions. Moreover, Ms. Roche will talk about the added value of incorporating Mimics Innovation Suite in the curriculum.

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3D Printing in Medicine Course

13 Giu 2019 - 14 Giu 2019 10:00 CEST Leuven, Belgio

When you’re seeking to set up a 3D printing facility at your practice, you’ll need to begin by convincing your hospital with a clear business case and measurable benefits. Want to know how to get started?

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Mimics Innovation Course

03 Apr 2019 - 05 Apr 2019 10:00 CEST Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven, Belgio

The Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) allows you to automate your workflows, potentially saving a lot of time, achieving more consistency, and reducing repetitive work and human error.

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Webinar: “How virtual patients can accelerate implant development, exemplified by the DJO Exprt® revision hip”

07 Mar 2019 Technologielaan 15 3001 Leuven Belgium, Belgio

Join us in this webinar as Mr Adam Shallenberg, from medical device company DJO, will walk you through the design process of the latest DJO Exprt® Revision hip, including the added value of a high-quality population analysis by Materialise.

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Materialise 3DP Academy – 11. und 12. Oktober, Materialise HQ

22 Nov 2018 Leuven, Belgio

In Seminaren mit unseren Experten erfahren Sie mehr über die Stärken und Schwächen der relevantesten Technologien und Materialien.  Lernen Sie zudem nützliche Best Practice Cases für Konstruktion & Engineering kennen und analysieren Sie bahnbrechende AM-Fallstudien.

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Materialise 3DP Academy November 2018

22 Nov 2018 Leuven, Belgio

Stepping up the additive manufacturing activities in your organization? Want to increase internal knowledge on this subject? Join the Materialise 3DP Academy, a half-day workshop at Materialise HQ, and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the most relevant technologies and materials. You will also get acquainted with best practices in design & engineering and observe a number of groundbreaking AM cases firsthand.

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Prototyping Xpo

07 Nov 2018 - 08 Nov 2018 Kortrijk, Belgio

The Prototyping Xpo trade fair in Kortrijk is designed for everyone in the field of product development. The focus is on the whole design process, from the original idea through to setting up a business model and actual production in a pilot run or small series. Meet the Materialise team at the Prototyping Xpo and bring us all your questions on selecting 3D printing technologies and materials, designing for 3D Printing, or making the most of the technology.

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Automating Key Components of Finite Element Research

18 Set 2018 Leuven, Belgio

In total hip replacement surgery, most traditional designs of femur components have a long stem. Short hip stems have only recently been introduced, and these are presumed to reduce proximal stress shielding compared to traditional, long stems. However, due to their smaller contact area with the bone, high peak stresses and areas of stress shielding could appear in the proximal femur, especially in the presence of atypical bone geometries.

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