Struggling with Production Costs and Lead Times of Metal Parts?

Lighten up with 3D-printed metal

3D printing can help your production gain speed and agility like never before. A successful metal 3D printing project always starts with the right application, but identifying it can be challenging.

This practical guide focuses on eight typical applications where significant improvements in terms of weight, performance, functionality and/or aesthetics can be achieved.

Lo que aprenderá

  • The best reasons to choose metal 3D printing
  • How to save time: skip tool-making and milling, go straight from design to production
  • How to save money: metal is expensive, don’t pay to scrap material with milling and machining
  • How to keep it light: latticed interiors can reduce part weight dramatically
  • How to customize, not compromise: Without molds and machining, you’re free to design what you really want

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