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Innovation, accuracy, and reliability are critical components of every research project. You’ll find all three within Materialise Footscan Suite — a system featured in more than 3,000 scientific studies and trusted by various state-of-the-art movement labs around the world. Combining robust, clinically accepted hardware and software for analyzing gait, movement, pressure, and more, this system supports your biomechanical research with personalized engineering and simulation.

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Why choose Materialise Footscan Suite?

Measure and analyze in a single environment

Consolidate every part of the process and keep all your data in a unified system. Tailor your analysis with the manual zone editing feature to fit your specific requirements. Launch dynamic measurement features with a single click and focus on guiding your subject.

An advanced interface

Review data in a clear, user-friendly interface with enhanced visualization and reporting features.

A wide range of analysis tools

Import 3D scans, apply automatic zone editing, or test out the risk analysis feature.

Export options

Perform tailored data analysis by exporting raw data of static, balance, and dynamic measurements, as well as 3D scans.

High-quality measuring devices

Choose pressure plates for dynamic gait analysis or 3D scanners to analyze foot shape. The high scan frequency and sensor resolution of our footscan pressure plates ensure accuracy in data acquisition, while our 3D scanners provide submillimeter accuracy.

Easy integration with external systems

The footscan hardware and software easily connect with other measurement systems through its sync/trigger functionality for flawless integration into your existing motion lab.

A more accurate, efficient, and fully customized workflow

Trusted by researchers in leading universities worldwide, Materialise Footscan Suite provides a digital research workflow that combines cutting-edge measurement and analysis software and hardware.

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1. Measure

Obtain swift, accurate, real-time dynamic data, from your patient’s unique movement to their roll-off pattern and pressure points using footscan pressure plates and 3D scanners. Easily integrate both hardware and software into your existing setup through the sync/trigger functionality.

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2. Analyze

Observe how your patient’s feet move in realistic situations and identify pressure points, timing, and abnormalities across every phase of their gait.

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With footscan v9, I can collect the information of one person in less than three minutes. Now, we can collect data from up to 60 recruits in two-and-a-half to three hours on a regular basis. I wouldn't have managed a fraction of that with the old system.

Dr. Sharon DixonAssociate Professor in Biomechanics, University of Exeter

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Take your biomechanical research to the next level with a complete digital system tailored to your needs.

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