How to Overcome Challenges of Support Generation in Metal AM

Über dieses Webinar

One of the factors that will determine the success of your metal prints is support generation. The creation of support structures is key to anchor the 3D model to the base plate to prevent warpage, conduct heat, and more. When support is not placed where it should be, the build may crash and the cost of trial and error is considerable. Too much support structure, however, will lead to unnecessary high material costs and additional post-processing efforts.

But how do you create the best support structures for metal 3D printing? Learn in this webinar.

Was Sie lernen werden

  • Why good support structures are essential for metal AM
  • What factors influence good support generation.
  • Expert tips & tricks on how to manipulate these factors to increase build success
  • How you can automate support generation


Jalel Nadij

Application Engineer, Materialise USA​

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