Benefits of Materialise Motion

Transform your workflow and establish a competitive advantage

Your patients deserve care, treatment, and products suited for their needs. And you deserve the most advanced tools to help you convey in-depth analysis, provide the right diagnosis, and propose the most suitable therapy.

Intuitive and user-friendly

Materialise Phits Suite offers easy-to-use analysis software and a design wizard with predictive proposals of key parameters of the insole. With its enhanced visualization, you can have a detailed pressure and volumetric overview on all areas while providing understandable insights to your patient.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable

Thanks to its precise and automated digital workflow, Materialise Phits Suite speeds up the process of analysis, diagnosis, and orthotic design and manufacturing, allowing you to treat more patients. Easily repeat orders, keep all data in one software environment, and give all your patients undivided attention.

Enhanced patient experience

Patient engagement is essential to high-quality healthcare. That is why footscan software offers clear visualization and reporting to guide your patient throughout the process, enhancing their understanding and adoption of the treatment proposed.

True customization

3D printing allows a comfortable, lightweight orthotic design that is impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods. Attain unique support of the foot roll-off by controlling the local stiffness in different orthotics design zones.

Evidence-based,  backed by  research 

Evidence-based,  backed by  research

Through research and collaboration with leading universities, we improve our algorithms continuously. Our commitment to innovation, led by science, differentiates our measurement systems and software as Class 1 medical devices.

Powered by footscan® technology

Powered by footscan® technology

Guided by 25 years of experience in plantar pressure measurement technology, we are industry-frontrunners with more than 5,000 footscan® users worldwide. Our dynamic gait measuring systems and analysis software are applicable for clinical, retail, and scientific use.

The future is now. Are you in?

We support foot health practitioners by offering an end-to-end solution that combines advanced digital motion capture technology, analysis software, and 3D-printed orthotics.

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