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Materialise 3-matic, Robot and Streamics


Hands-on human efforts are minimized


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Phits™ Insoles (formerly known as RS Print) is the first company in the world to directly translate gait analysis into custom, dynamic 3D-printed insoles. To realize this innovation, they combined their leading dynamic measurement foot scan solutions with Materialise’s 3D printing software and manufacturing expertise.

Make Your Move

Phits™ Insoles partnered from the start with Materialise to establish a solid backbone for their footwear applications. Through the integration of design automation software and production management software with the existing analysis software, an efficient and sustainable design and production process is created.

Based on the gait analysis, Materialise’s Materialise 3-matic lightweight structures and design modification capabilities use the automation engine of the Materialise Robot to automate the design of the insole, while still allowing for input from the orthopaedic specialist in a straightforward and user-friendly manner. This minimizes the human effort required to design the insoles and ensures that the production team can manufacture an insole fit for the purpose.

The generated insole design is then transferred through a cloud portal to the Materialise production facility. The Materialise Streamics system, connected directly to the portal, manages the preparation and production of the insoles. Machine scheduling and communication, automatic labeling and ‘track & trace’ are only a few of the capabilities of this system, ensuring that the production happens efficiently and according to proper standards. Thanks to this versatile system, the insole production is also scalable.



The World within Reach

Phits™ now has a process in place that offers custom footwear products worldwide involving minimal hands-on human efforts. Materialise’s software solutions and expertise enable the company to effortlessly and seamlessly scale its activities internationally while seeking new 3D opportunities in the world of specialized footwear components.


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